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Best Students of the Gdańsk University

Thirteenth edition - 2016/17

Nowadays, activities and personal interests of the students are not only limited to the studies. During this important educational process and intellectual adventure they often decide to complete more than one mayor and various other extra curricular activities, in order to become more visible in the competitive market.

The students perform a full or part-time job, work as volunteers, take part in various competitions. This brings a very good impression and opinion of the students as well as the university.

There are 30 000 students in the University of Gdansk. Many of them decide to study more than one faculty. Moreover, they succeed in many contests or take part in social affairs.

Therefore the University of Gdansk would like to undertake an initiative to promote these talented students and the project “The Best Students of the University of Gdansk” was created.

The 5 best students from each faculty have been chosen by the Dean of Faculty, based on the one main criteria - grade point average.

Edition: 2016/2017

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